Debian Octave Group


The Debian Octave Group (DOG) is a collaborative effort for maintaining the Octave-related Debian packages. Coordination is done through a project at Alioth.

Any developer, either a member of Debian or not, is invited to participate. If you are interested, please drop a note to the project administrators at Alioth.

Information for developers

Development is coordinated through a Subversion and Git repositories. The status of the maintained packages is shown in the packages overview at the QA Debian site. An overview of all bug reports filed against our packages can be found in the BTS entry for the DOG.

There is now a draft of the Guidelines for the developers. Please read it before doing any work on the packages. This file is also under SVN control.

Mailing lists

There are currently two mailing lists related to the project:

Maintained packages

The glpk-shlib and sundials packages used to be maintained by the DOG. They are now being maintained by the Debian Scientific Computing Team.

Packages not yet released

Other Octave-related Debian packages

Other interesting Octave stuff